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Hello, my name is Lisa and this is my own personal home away from home. I hope you enjoy my site. You will find a lot of family information mixed along with my personal interests and friends. I love to talk on the CB Radio, sewing, arts & crafts, drama, including Stage Makeup & Costuming, Tech Works and Acting. I also love genealogy, gaming and a colorful array of things. I will let you have a glimpse into my world. The families you will find here for certain are Kingsbury, Blackburn, Clarke, Fielder, Newman, Rejmaniak, Towler, Manley, Veselka, Poe, Barber, Baker, Mitchell, Fullerton, Anders, Mackrell, Harris, Hodge, Howard, Thompson, Fricks, Kirkpatrick, Parrott, White, Gilliam, Folk, Powell, Way, Lowe, Spragg, England, Mitchell, Terwilliger, Parisher, Caveness, Hext, Whittington, Arrott, Crowder, Sawyer, Webster, Nyberg, Leader, Frost, DeSoto, Southgate, Cordran, Crawdron, Brennan, Foure, Moore, Robertson, Burke, Cruse, Davison-Davidson, Houpt-Hopkins Bettison, Barry, Kaul, House, Valkenier, Cory, Baker, Fulton, Cavett, Butcher, Howeth, Lewis, Bragg, Edwards, Jones, Cassels, Short, Wheeler, Fuelhelmer, Moss, Bryant, Schmadl, Gaetz, Tonka, Kowis, Kovas, Swonke, Ripkowski, Smith, Adams, Frankel, Parmley, and many more. You will also find information on Census Records and family photos. There is a entire family tree here to be viewed by family. I also have a area dedicated to the soaps I love. Here is where you will find tid bits about my babies including a online babybook. The is an area called other that I can always add anything I want and there are links to my favorite sites. You can contact me or read more about this site via the side bar to the designated areas. There is also an area for those gamers who want to join or Neverwinter role playing game and enter our special world to perform special quests and play any other games we host there. I really hope you enjoy my site and good luck.


Thanks to Lord of the Rings Fantasy World for some of the images and parts of the bar design